What’s with the vegan thing?

  Some of my friends ask me: “what’s with the vegan thing? “ This is what’s happened: Over the last 5 years I have developed an increased passion for food and how it affects us and the world. I am amazed that even though I’ve known some of the facts I’d never taken the plunge! […] Read more

Tips on how to waste less

Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should, a zero waste lifestyle has many benefits… Our wasteful mentality comes from our culture of abundance; we buy waaay more that we should and end up with the burden of dealing with all the stuff that we allow to enter our homes. I was like that, […] Read more

Sustainable tips on how to buy less clothing

Sustainable fashion needs to take a priority if we want to minimise our negative impact on the planet. We are living in a society where we think that the more we have – the more successful we are; this is certainly true for fashion, we feel the pressure of buying clothes not as a necessity […] Read more